ScrubPac® Heavy Duty All Purpose Detergent

For cleaning and degreasing shower walls, bathtubs, sinks, base boards, vinyl furniture, wall spotting, and other soiled surfaces and equipment. Excellent for deep cleaning and power scrubbing of all hard surface floors.

No. 104 Each Pac makes 4 gallons Heavy Duty Cleaner

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Number Name 1-39 Cases Qty
104 ScrubPac/4 Heavy Duty Detergent US$260.94/CASE
102 ScrubPac/2 Heavy Duty Detergent US$286.33/CASE
105 DepotPac Heavy Duty US$310.31/CASE
320100 32oz Btl/Spray Heavy Dty-Green(84) US$111.43/CASE
43103 Distribution Tray with Label (25) US$77.58/CASE
43107 PortionPac PacCutter With Tie (100-Box) US$104.30/Box
43108 Point-of-Use Mixing Hose US$76.17/carton
43110 CarryPac System - Hip Pac US$9.03/Each
43111 CarryPac System - Bottle Carrier US$4.94/Each